December 20, 2017


GFE utilizes commercial airlines, cargo carriers, and charters to provide a full-service solution for all your freight service needs. GFE also provides heavyweight airfreight transportation and distribution systems to accommodate even the largest shipments.

Freight Forwarding

> All modes of transportation, from planes, to trains, to automobiles
> Personal portal to secure management tools
> Up-to-Date tracking of freight
> Easily review inventory and obtain freight quotes

Warehousing Services

GFE has climate controlled warehouse space and services for your shipping and inventory needs including cold storage, dry and cooler space. Our central location in the U.S. offers you a perfect supply chain solution for domestic shipping.

> Pick and pack, shrink wrapping, palleting and inventory control
> Dedicated warehouse services
> Dry storage, cold storage, and cooler space available

Comprehensive Supply Chain Management Includes

Supply Chain Management

GFE has all of the components to provide your company with a systematic inventory/distribution program that will reduce your costs while improving customer responsiveness. Transportation, warehousing and IT services are in place and create the ability for you to capitalize on the variability of demand from your clients. Our IT department is ready to help you develop and execute your CPFR program today. Use the latest technology to leap-frog over your competition, reinvigorate growth channels and provide value to your trading partners. Seeing the future today.